Services We offer

Lady Security Services

We provide Female Security Guards Service to our highly valued clients. Our guards are with a vigil eye and skilled with human behavioral logic to understand the situation. These are widely used in various sectors. To become a lady security guard, the candidate should have completed UG or PG.
Lady Security for women should have good communication and interpersonal skills. These lady security guards are trained in self defense, fire safety, first aid, soft skills, etiquette, personality grooming and handling security instruments. They also handle culturally sensitive situations with diplomacy and ensure safety for women. Lady security guards ensure security for women in hotels, restaurants, women’s hostel, women’s college and garment manufacturing companies which has a large number of women, apart from serving the airline and travel sectors.

Trained Security Services

Security guards require minimal formal, job duties, and certification requirements to see if this is the right career for you. All security guards are required to complete an 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course prior to applying to the Department of State for a Security Guard Registration Card, followed by a 16 Hour On-the-Job Training Course for Security Guards within 90 days of initial employment as a security guard, and annually complete an 8 Hour Annual In-service Training Course for Security Guards every year thereafter.

Armed Security Services

“An “Armed security officer” means a natural person employed persons and property or (ii) deter theft, loss, or concealment of any tangible or intangible personal property on the premises he is contracted to protect, and who carries or has access to a firearm in the performance of his duties. Armed guard applicants must possess a valid pistol license and must complete firearms Training Course for Security Guards prior to applying for a Special Armed Guard Registration Card.

Event Security Services

The Company currently provides Event security guard services. ASB’s Event Services Division provides a full array of event staffing and crowd management services including ushers, ticket takers, crowd control professionals, guest services, and parking attendants to a variety of high-profile. Our Event Services Division is designed to provide a higher quality option compared to other traditional event service providers.

Bouncer Security Services

We render cost-effective and dependable Security Services that include Bouncer Services, Security Supervisor Services, and Security Guard Services. ASB is one of the best Security Services provider companies in India which provides the best bouncer services. Our armed security guards are trained for combat and are well versed in dealing with guns

Guarding Security Services

Our Security Services personnel hired only after proper screening, who after go under rigorous training programmers, develops the ability to take the right decision in time of emergency, to prevent loss or damage to the property and valuable assets or life of any client. The main objective of TSGS guarding is to develop the value of the Group’s guarding products to cover much more and different services than basic guarding.

Executive Security Services

ASB provides preventive and close physical protection services for high value executives both in static and mobile modes. Former Special Forces personnel with extensive experience and knowledge of Indian topography having proven integrity are deployed for such assignments. They are also tailor-made ahead of a business leader’s visit, if mandated. Thus ensuring safe delivery and peace of mind for such vital assets.

Escort Security Services

We offer Security Escort Services to our clients, who require assistance, while traveling from one place to another. Our security officials are professionally qualified, well educated and groomed. They are well conversant with their task and are ever ready to help the clients in any situation whatsoever. While training, we lay special emphasis on their over all personality development including appearance, communication skills and presentation.

Industrial Security Services

Security is one of the most important issues in any setting, a home, school, hospital, malls, social gatherings, et al. But it is also one of the most overlooked issues at times. Especially after a number of terror attacks hitting the country, the security sector of the country is now a full blown industry. This is more so because people have realized that the value of human lives and their protection is much more than the meager saving as a result of not employing any security personnel or system.